Build cloud video faster with the industry's most powerful API

MK.IO utilizes API and integration hooks similar to Azure Media Services, with pricing and service coverage that is familiar to keep your service running without hassle.



With our extensive experience as a mature video technology company, we've perfected our craft, ensuring your audience enjoys uninterrupted streaming.


Ease of use

Enjoy the benefits of simplified, cloud-based pricing with one consistent rate worldwide, ensuring no regional pricing differences and making cost management predictable.


Instant streaming

Our platform offers seamless marketplace integration with simple and quick onboarding, providing enhanced trust, consolidated billing, and stringent compliance and security measures.


Continuous evolution

Our platform is continuously evolving, bringing you more functionalities that seamlessly integrate with the system you already know and trust.

Live processing & recording

We know that your primary desire is to reach your audience on the devices they use. Knowing this, we've taken the same platform and technology that has delivered one billion live and on-demand streams to sports fans, and made it accessible to you.

  • RTMP or SRT inputs

  • Single bitrate or multi-bitrate support

  • DASH and HLS outputs

  • Dynamic packaging and encryption from the streaming endpoint

  • Live encoding or passthrough with recording capability for archives



Video processing & transcoding

Our video encoders are used by the largest entertainment companies and broadcastersto deliver the best video quality possible to their audience. With MK.IO you benefit from this same level of performance.

  • Assets can be uploaded to your storage account or pulled from a secure URL

  • User-defined transforms allow maximum control

  • Jobs triggered via APIs

  • Transcoded asset published to your storage account

Video streaming

MK.IO makes streaming video files to your audience seamless. Let the platform sweat the details so that you can be confident that your viewers are receiving the best quality possible regardless of their device.

  • Support for existing or new assets stored on your storage accounts

  • Pre-integrated with all major DRMs

  • Orchestrated scaling to support high-reliability streaming



Content protection

We know how to protect your valuable video assets using the best methods available. When delivered by MK.IO, your streams can be safeguarded using AES-128, Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, or Apple FairPlay.

  • Parity with your current playback workflows

  • Same token capability

  • Same encryption supported

  • Optional media player SDK available to support integration with apps

Media player

In addition to offering a best-of-breed live and VOD streaming platform, there is an iOS, Android, and native SDK player for popular platforms that can be easily integrated into your app or client experience.


Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing for your cloud-based media workflows


Live Processing & Recording

Encode live video to stream to your audience and keep a recording for catch-up and on-demand streaming.

Starting at


  • AVC/H.264 encoding up to 1080p
  • Up to 24 hours of time-shift
  • Great video quality

Content Processing & Transcoding

Process your video content for enhanced distribution and streaming.

Starting at


  • AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 video encoding up to 4k
  • CVQ preset for content-aware encoding

Video Streaming

Shared or dedicated streaming nodes for your live or on-demand content delivery.

Starting at

$0.087/hour + egress

  • HLS and DASH
  • Lowest possible egress in your region
  • CDN support

Content Protection

Safeguard your valuable video content with affordable and reliable protection solutions.

Starting at

$0.10/100 keys

  • AES-128 encryption
  • CPIX interface
  • Support for PlayReady, Widevine, Fairplay
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*Pricing only includes compute costs.
Data transfer fees, storage fees, and other fees are not included

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